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About Legacy Memoir

Every story deserves to be told.

You’re here because that story needs a voice. It needs a skilled and formally educated writer to put the words to paper. Your story needs a guide who can bring memories to life to help recall the journey that was taken, the heights that were scaled and the heartaches that were healed.

Here at Legacy Memoir, we have a team of the most highly educated writers and designers you will find. We win awards. We are professional. We craft finely-honed, grammatically correct documents that are formatted correctly for multiple uses and delivery formats - from printed Keepsake Books to most digital brands of eBooks and iBooks. We get it right - it's your family history and heritage.

That's what we do at Legacy Memoir.

But in the end, what you want and really need is someone who comes to know you through your story and the experience you carry with you from your life. A writer who can see and feel what you have seen and felt so as to communicate even the subtlest nuances of a life well-lived. Someone who can pass along that story, preserving your personal and family heritage to be passed down for generations.

We understand the importance of heritage and ancestry. Your story may be the only story handed down to the next generations. We believe in lasting legacies.

That’s who we are at Legacy Memoir.

I stand behind that claim to bring you the most satisfying and truthful expression of your Great Legacy.


Daniel Klein, Principal Memoir Writer

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Why Legacy Memoir

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Legacy Memoir is headed by Daniel Klein, a native of America's Heartland. Daniel's formal education in writing includes Graduate Fiction at the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop, the Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Missouri, and the Professional Writers Workshop in Los Angeles.

Daniel Klein brings both breadth and depth of life experience to the writing of your Legacy Memoir. This allows him to embrace and develop your particular voice and story. He brings sensitivity and empathy while fully understanding the hard choices and difficult paths that you may have been down.

Among his achievements:

Writing Awards:

The New Letters Literary Awards (twice)

Jonas B Hebberhoffer Memorial Writing

Barbara Storke Creative Writing

Design Awards:

2 Best of Show awards, Addy Awards, Iowa

Multiple First Place awards, Addy Awards

Omni Award, Art Directors Club, Kansas City

As founder of Legacy Memoir, Daniel Klein has over 25 years of project management experience in running his own multi-media businesses. He will manage your project with timeliness and efficiency.

Daniel has been a Certified Trainer for Apple Computers and has been recognized by Apple for the patience, knowledge, and care required to guide both novice and advanced customers through their learning experience. Daniel received one of Apple's first "Living the Credo" awards and has earned other awards for customer service and excellence. He will treat you with the same patience and care.

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How we turn memories into a
Legacy Memoir

There are many ways to structure your project - just Ask!

The Information Gathering Process

The Writing and Design Phase

Whether you choose to publish traditionally as a beautiful bound book, or publish as an iBook, Kindle, or Nook document, you can be confident that your Legacy Memoir project will be produced tastefully and professionally. Even if you only publish one single book - or thousands!

Your Legacy Memoir

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Legacy Memoir Bound Keepsakes

A printed, bound Legacy Memoir book is one of the best ways to hand your story down to others. With on-demand digital printing, anyone can have their own personalized best-seller. Whether it's just one copy for a loved one or made available on the mass market - 50 pages or 500 pages.

Legacy Memoir books can be photobook style complete with a dust jacket, or a traditional text-rich autobiography. The possibilities are many and we can help you determine which is best to present your story. Maybe you just want a text or PDF document to email to others? Here at Legacy Memoir, we can accommodate!

Legacy Memoir
Digital Books & More

Have some younger folks that won't touch a book? We can format your Legacy Memoir project to work on an iPad, Kindle, or other mobile devices. We employ the latest design techniques and software and are experts at designing documents to work well in the many different ways people read.

With media-rich capabilities, a Legacy Memoir project can include video interviews and clips, audio recordings, and documents such as Birth and Wedding Certificates. Let's say you want to have a DVD to hand out or put your Legacy Memoir up on YouTube - it can be done!

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Is your story big enough to fill the Silver Screen?

At Legacy Memoir, we have Hollywood connections.  Let us write the screenplay and work to get your Feature Length Movie or Documentary made!

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Q: It seems a daunting process. How do we even start?

A: Upon inquiry, we will schedule a phone meeting and provide a very simple questionnaire to fill out.

From there, we will provide a more complete questionnaire as the basis for the phone interview(s). If you're local to Los Angeles, we would feel privileged to meet you in person!

The process should be fun, easy, and satisfying. We will guide and even coach you through the entire process.

Q: How much will my Legacy Memoir cost?

A: After the initial information gathering, we’ll be able to assess the scope of your project. We will then provide an estimate of costs and fees based on the final product(s) you choose. Remember, this is a product that will be handed down from generation to generation and therefore is priced and valued as a lasting legacy.

Q: Will there be a contract?

A: If we choose to go further, we'll sign a contract setting out terms, fees, rights, and deadlines. We’ll always be up front about changes, fees, conditional aspects. We won’t wait until after the fact to communicate.

Q: What will be my responsibilities in this process?

A: You’ll make yourself available for a minimum total of 5 hours of interviews. You will provide any photos, documents, or other media you wish to include in your project. Of course, you’ll make yourself available for reasonable followups during the process.

Q: There’s a lot of missing links in the story I want to tell. How do I fill in the holes?

A: We employ the most thorough research techniques available and have genealogists who can research family histories.

Q: My life is still pretty full and hectic. How will I find the time to do my part?

A:  During the writing phase, we will save up questions and request clarifications in bulk, to be respectful of your time. If we are simply editing a manuscript or text you have already prepared, we will provide change tracking for ease of approval during the process. We can do much of the busywork for you.

Q: I don’t know much about ebooks and Kindles and such. But I think we should have an electronic version for the kids’ devices. Can we do that?

A: Our documents will always have proper formatting and styles applied for use in many different digital and print formats. We design your Legacy Memoir to meet these needs.

Q: I’ve got a lot of photos. Can we incorporate them - even the damaged photos?

A: Legacy Photo Memoirs are a great way to communicate the past to future generations. We will suggest an appropriate Photo Book Layout that incorporates your text as well. Photos will be retouched and/or restored by our expert team of photo retouchers. We can also provide scanning.

Q: I’m excited! How will I be able to track the progress of my Legacy Memoir?

A: Our designers will begin laying out the project even while the writing is being completed. When the first text draft is completed, we will send to you for proofing.

After the writing is inserted into the layout, we will provide a soft proof (PDF or similar document) for you to inspect and approve or change.

Q: I have many other questions. How do I get answers?

A: You will have direct access to us via email and phone. We can even do video chats and conferences. We’re here for you!

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